Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences SGA Officers

About SHSS

Student Government Association

The Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences Student Government Association (SHSS SGA) is dedicated to bringing together the entire student body in collaborative and creative ways to further academic goals, create learning communities, and to provide a forum for effective communication and networking. The SHSS SGA serves to foster relationships among students, as well as between students and the faculty, administration, and staff of the SHSS. The overall purpose of the SHSS SGA is to enhance the academic experiences of the student body in collaboration with the administrative goals and objectives of the programs within SHSS as represented by the faculty.

Table 1: Listing of SHSS SGA Officers
Executive officers Name
President Sharon McIntyre
Vice President Rachel McGinnis
Secretary Carl Letamendi
Treasurer Min Yin
College Student Affairs Representative Molly Kressel
Conflict Analysis Resolution Representative Carlyn Jorgensen
Marriage & Family Therapy Representative Beverly Nelson
Cross-Disciplinary Studies Representative Marcia Brown
National Security Affairs Representative Sherika Horne
International Students Representative Ekaterina (Katia) Tikhonravova
Online Students Representative Shawna Resnick
Events & Projects Coordinator Amy Guimond
Community Relations Coordinator James Teall
Faculty Advisor Dr. Christine Ajayi