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Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice offers students the fundamentals of applied conflict resolution and advanced training in the conflict resolution “skill-set.” It is intended to meet the needs of those individuals who seek more expertise in conflict resolution and are mainly interested in becoming practitioners in the field.  It may also be appropriate for professionals who have already earned a graduate degree in their professional area, but who would benefit from academic study of applications of conflict analysis & resolution in their current profession.

The Graduate Certificate consists of five courses (15 credits), which include conflict resolution theory and practice skills. Students who decide to continue their studies in conflict resolution may apply these credit hours toward the M.S. or the Ph.D. program in Conflict Analysis and Resolution if accepted to the program.

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Conflict Resolution Practice is offered in both residential and distance learning formats. These flexible formats allow mid‑career working adults and those unable to attend the residential program, to study conflict resolution in a creative, rigorous, and structured fashion. Students enrolled in the distance learning program participate in Residential Institutes on the main campus twice per year, as well as online Web-based courses.

Students may enroll full or part time, taking three to nine credit hours per term. Students who attend full-time can expect to complete the program in 10 months. Part-time students will complete the program in 16 months. Summer attendance is mandatory.

Degree Plans

Below is a sample of a degree plan for a full-time student who begins their studies in Fall term. Degree plans will be modified based on a student’s enrollment date and pace of study.

Table 1: Degree Plan: 15 credits hours
Fall (August)
CARM 5040 -
Communication Dynamics in Dispute Resolution: The Human
CARM 6140 -
(Online Program)
Winter (January)
CARM 5100 -
Mediation Theory and Practice
CARM 5140 -
Summer (May)
Any Elective in Organizational Conflict CARM 6140 -
Facilitation Theory and Practice (on-campus program)
Graduation and Celebration

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