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Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Robin Cooper

Founding and Consulting Editor: Howon Jeong

Senior Advisory Editors: Sean Byrne and Honggang Yang

Editorial Team: Bertha Amisi, Elena Bastidas, Dustin Berna, Jason Campbell, Cheryl Duckworth, Alexia Georgakopoulos, Evan Hoffman, Neil Katz, Judith McKay, Ismael Muvingi, Michele Rice, Mary Hope Schwoebel

Associate Editors: Alice Ackermann, Christopher Burnett, Laura Finley, Joseph Folger, Loraleigh Keashly

Production Editor: Rebecca J. Allison

Editorial Board

Sami Adwan, Bethlehem University, Palestine
Chadwick Alger, Ohio State University, USA
Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame,USA
Paul Arthur, University of Ulster-Coleraine, UK
Celia Cook-Huffman, Juniata College, USA
Morton Deutsch, Columbia University, USA
E. Franklin Dukes, University of Virginia, USA
Matthias Finger, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne
Ronald Fisher, American University, USA
Linda Forcey, State University of New York, Binghamton, USA
Johan Galtung, TRANSCEND, Norway
Vasu Gounden, University of Durban, South Africa
Tamar Hermann, The Open University of Israel and
The Israel Democracy Institute
Herbert Kelman, Harvard University, USA

Editorial Board (Continued

Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, University of Sheffield, UK
Louis Kriesberg, Syracuse University, USA
Ran Kuttner, University of Haifa, Israel
John Paul Lederach, University of Notre Dame, USA
Richard Little, University of Bristol, UK
Neil MacFarlane, Oxford University, UK
George J. McCall, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA
John McGarry, Queen's University, Canada
Dominic Murray, University of Limerick, Ireland
Michael Nagler, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Joseph Nevo, University of Haifa, Israel
Brendan O'Leary, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Canada Frederic Pearson, Wayne State University, USA
Brian Polkinghorn, Salisbury University, USA
Dean Pruitt, George Mason University, USA
Luc Reychler, University of Leuven, Belgium
Janet Rifkin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
Paul Rogers, University of Bradford, UK
Marc Howard Ross, Bryn Mawr College, USA
Robert A. Rubinstein, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, USA
Dennis Sandole, George Mason University, USA
Jessica Senehi, Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice, St. Paul's
College, and University of Manitoba, Canada
Martin Shaw, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals, University
of Roehampton (London), and University of Sussex, UK
Timothy Shaw, University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Janice Gross Stein, University of Toronto, Canada
Lawrence Susskind, MIT, USA
Ramesh Thakur, United Nations University, Japan
Vibeke Vindeløv, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Raimo Vayrynen, University of Notre Dame, USA
Kathleen Maas Weigert, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Tom Woodhouse, University of Bradford, UK
Mitja Zagar, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
I. William Zartman, John Hopkins University, USA.

Peace and Conflict Studies(PCS--ISSN1082-7307) is committed to interdisciplinary explorations of conflict resolution, peace building, humanitarian assistance, and other mechanisms that seek to prevent and control violence. PCS is also interested in articles focusing on social change and nonviolence, including such areas as sustainable development, reflective practice, action research, human rights, and intercultural relations. As a semiannual peer reviewed journal, PCS is published in an online format (http://shss.nova.edu/pcs/). Views expressed in articles and other contributions that appear in PCS do not necessarily reflect endorsement by the Editorial Board or Staff. PCS provides a forum for dialogue around various ideas, assessments, recommendations, and critiques.

Peace and Conflict Studies is indexed and/or abstracted in Peace Research Abstracts Journal, Public Affairs Information Service, Sociological Abstracts, Psychological Abstracts, PsychINFO, Political Science Manuscripts, International Political Science Abstracts and Worldviews.