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Judith McKay J.D, Ph.D.

Judith McKay J.D., Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies (DMS) including CSA and MACS, Associate Professor

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Judith McKay is the Chair of the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies (DMS) and the Director of Community Resolution Services (CRS). CRS provides services to the NSU and local communities. These services include community and family mediation and training; facilitation, training, and consulting for communities and organizations, and conflict coaching for individuals and families. CRS also coordinates Peace Place, a collaborative project with the Broward County Library system. CRS is the largest practicum site for students in Multidisciplinary Studies and Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Judith has been professionally involved in conflict resolution for over 25 years as a mediator, arbitrator, attorney, negotiator, facilitator, trainer, executive and conflict coach, dispute systems designer, researcher and professor. She has consulted for private, civic, religious and community organizations. She has been interviewed on radio and television regarding conflicts in neighborhoods, families, and organziations.

Judith is a trainer whose topics include: Conflict and Crisis Communication, Recent Topics and Trends in Mediation, Mediation Ethics, Domestic and Family Violence, Domestic Violence and Mediation, Strategic Community Planning, Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution, Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention, Workplace Bullying, Gender and Workplace Issues, Anger and Mediation, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution in Organizations, Planning for Community Peace, Partnership Models for Social Change, and Law Enforcement and Community Partnerships. She has been involved in training a variety of professionals, including therapists, attorneys, teachers, mediators, conflict resolution specialists, community leaders, organizational leaders, health care professionals, clergy, and law enforcement officers.

Since coming to NSU, Judith has been involved in three significant federal grants. Each grant was for a period of one to three years. Two of the grants were funded through the Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Justice. Judith directed the VOICES Family Outreach Project, which assisted families struggling with conflict and violence. VOICES started as a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Justice (1997-1999), and continues as a service of CRS. Judith helped coordinate a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services at the Salvation Army homeless shelter with several departments from NSU’s Health Professions Division from 2000-2003. She was the Principle Investigator for the Community Resources, Partnerships, and Solutions (CRPS) Grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Justice (2005-2007). This program was designed to work in cooperation with law enforcement, and other social service providers to address violence in the community. She works closely with NSU’s Criminal Justice Institute. She has been trained by the Community Relations Service of the US Department of Justice and is one of their facilitators.

Judith presents each year at national and international conferences and seminars, including The Association for Conflict Resolution’s Annual Conference (2008) in Austin, (2007) in Phoenix, (2006) in Philadelphia , (2005) in Minneapolis, (2004) in Sacramento, (2003) in Orlando, (2002) in San Diego, (2001) in Toronto; The Association for Integrated Studies’ Annual Conference (2008) at the University of Illinois in Springfield; The National Society for Experiential Education’s Annual Conference (2007) in Seattle, The Dispute Resolution Center’s Annual Conference (2006, 2004, 2001, 2000) in Orlando; The National Conference on Conflict Resolution Education (2004) in Columbus; The National Conference on Conflict Resolution and Higher Education (2003) in Greenbelt, MD; The American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference (2002) in Miami; The Florida Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference (2001) in Ft. Lauderdale; The First Annual Conference on Child Abuse Prevention (2000) in Ft. Lauderdale; the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Conference (1999) in Chicago; and the International Family Therapy World Congress Annual Conference (1999) in Cleveland.

The current focus of her research is in the areas of Family Violence Prevention and Intervention; Community Development and Social Capital; College Student Affairs, Multiculturalism; Cultural Implications for Mediation; Biographical Recollections of Social Change; Conflict Coaching; and Social Entrepreneurship. Recently she authored the section on “Mediation” in The Encyclopedia of Social Problems published by Sage in 2008.

Judith is a full-time faculty member who has taught courses including: Mediation Theory and Practice; Facilitation Theory and Practice; Organizational Conflict Theory and Practice; Strategic Community Planning & Partnerships; Family Violence: The Effects on Families, Communities and Workplaces; Conflict Coaching Theory and Practice; Practicum I, II, III, and Advanced Practicum; Consultation; Conflict and Crisis Management Theory; Critical Incidents; Crisis Negotiation; Conflict Resolution in Health Care; Introduction to Dispute Resolution; and Doctoral Seminar.

Judith has a B.A. in History from The American University; an M.A. in Education with a specialty in Student Personnel Services from Kean University; a J.D. from the School of Law at Emory University where she received the ATLA Outstanding Student Litigator Award; and a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from NSU. Her dissertation was titled: “Strategic Community Planning: Using Social Cubism and Multi-Modal Theories in the Design of Community Peacebuilding Partnerships.”