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Alexia Georgakopoulos, Ph.D.

Alexia Georgakopoulos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution and Communication

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Alexia Georgakopoulos, Ph. D., is currently an Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution and Analysis in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (DCAR) in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Georgakapoulos has previously taught at three other premiere universities, which most recently included Arizona State University. She is Director of the Institute of Conflict Resolution and Communication (, which a premiere educational provider for Florida Supreme Court Certification Programs in County and Family Mediation. Also, she is an assistant trainer in Florida Supreme Court Circuit Mediation Certification Programs. She is the director of the Applied Community of Practice Working Group, which is a DCAR working group devoted to a movement for Positive CHANGE in Communities. Anyone with a passion to promote change and make a difference is welcome to join!

She received her Ph.D. in Communication from the School of Human Communication from Arizona State University. She is a professor, practitioner, and world class expert in conflict resolution and communication with two decades of work in the fields. She has recently been interviewed and appeared on NBC’s Today Show.

Alexia Georgakopoulos has extensive experience as an educator, trainer, researcher, and practitioner in the conflict resolution field. She is a nationally and internationally sought out speaker, mediator, trainer, practitioner, and conflict resolution specialist. She has published numerous papers in leading conferences and journals. She was recently interviewed and featured on WLRN, HORIZON Magazine, National Safety Council's Magazine, Radio X, and Barry University Radio.

She is a practicing mediator in both domestic and international contexts. Most recently she directed the Foreclosure Mediation Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, participated in the Middle East Initiative Group of the Mediators Beyond Borders and she certifies/trains thousands of mediators throughout the world. Her specialty in mediation includes training court-connected and private mediators both domestically and internationally.

Her areas of expertise are in Conflict Resolution, Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, Instructional Pedagogy, Nonverbal Communication, and Relational Communication. Her training is based on two decades of academic work in the fields of communication and conflict resolution. She combines her interdisciplinary skills of conflict resolution, communication, and psychology in her role as a professor.

Alexia Georgakopoulos works as a professional practitioner and conflict resolution specialist for multinational organizations, school systems, healthcare organizations, family systems, governmental agencies, religious organizations, community-based organizations, and international organizations. She delivers mediation, facilitation, communication, diversity, and conflict management trainings. She is committed to offering quality educational programs to her students.