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Mark Davidheiser, Ph.D.

Director, Africa Peace and Conflict Network
Editor, African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review
Email: mdavidhe[at]africapeace[dot]org

Assistant Professor,
Sociocultural Anthropology & Conflict Analysis & Resolution

Phone: 1-800-541-6682, ext. 3064
Fax: (954) 262-3968*
Office: Maltz Bldg, Room 1065
Summer Hours: Monday and Wednesday 3:15-4:45pm EST

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Mark Davidheiser is a sociocultural anthropologist with core specializations in Conflict and Peacebuilding and African Studies. His 15 years of work in these areas addresses a variety of theoretical, applied, and policy issues. Dr. Davidheiser's research is used in anthropology and conflict resolution courses at universities in multiple countries, and it is cited in a number of scholarly publications and textbooks. He has been an invited speaker Peace and Conflict Studies programs at several universities have invited him as a speaker and program consultant.

Selected topical specializations include:

Davidheiser's approach to conflict analysis and resolution flows from an interdisciplinary perspective informed by the three main bases of his expertise:

  1. critical analysis of the scholarly, applied, & policy literature
  2. original field research, and
  3. practitioner & trainer experience

His conflict resolution background encompasses varied conflict resolution methodologies. These include conflict prevention & management and peacebuilding, as well as practice models like mediation, bargaining, and negotiation. His work also incorporates problem-solving, facilitative, and interest-based approaches and advanced techniques such as intercultural, narrative, and transformative strategies. Davidheiser's experience as a trainer includes basic training for prospective mediators, training and simulations in international negotiation & mediation, multilateral mediation, and aggression replacement and anti-racism training for youths.

In addition to his faculty post in Nova Southeastern University's Dept. of Conflict Analysis & Resolution, Davidheiser is Director of the Africa Peace and Conflict Network. The Network is an association of individuals & institutions dedicated to advancing positive peace in Africa through knowledge generation & dissemination and praxis. Click here to join the Africa Peace and Conflict Network Email List.

Other research institutions also call on Davidheiser's expertise. He is Executive Committee Member of the Organisation of Intra-Cultural Development, and he served as Academic Director for the International Institute of Mediation & Conflict Resolution’s Prague 2006 accredited course & training seminar on international negotiation & conflict resolution, for instance.

In addition to peer and book reviewing for various scholarly journals, Davidheiser is Associate Editor of the African Journal of Political Science and International Relations, Editor of Global Ethnographic, Editorial Board Member of Peace and Conflict Studies and of the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, and Advisory Board Member of African Studies Quarterly. He also spearheaded the establishment of a forthcoming journal, Review of African Conflicts and Peacebuilding.

With support from various grants and fellowships, Davidheiser's research employs qualitative, quantitative, participatory, and ethnographic methods. A favored strategy is using methodological triangulation to illuminate the contours and boundaries of sociocultural consensus, broaden the scope of his studies, and enhance the reliability of project findings.

One major interest is local methods of conflict mitigation and their interactions and hybridization with imported dispute processing practices. He has conducted field studies in Eritrea, The Gambia, and Senegal and taught courses on that subject.

In addition to his work in Africa, Davidheiser has done field research on the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute. That study explored the connections between young Navajo relocation resisters and their homesites on the Hopi Partitioned Lands. Additional research studies conducted by Davidheiser are detailed in his curriculum vitae.

Current projects include:

Traditional Authorities in the 21st Century: Development, decentralization, and customary authority & law

Sociocultural Dimensions of Conflict Resolution Interventions: Peacebuilding in the Global South

Legal reform, ADR, and Vulnerable Populations: Social justice & efficacy concerns in The Gambia and beyond, 2004-2006

Courses Taught
Courses Available Upon Request

Dr. Davidheiser's service to the profession and his contributions to the evolution of the field and its research literature and agenda include his work in capacities such as these selected examples:

Editor of African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review,

Associate Editor of African Journal of Political Science and International Relations

Advisory Board Member, African Studies Quarterly

Executive Board Member, Organisation of Intra-Cultural Development (

Resources and Links

International organization for Africa peace/conflict specialists, with free resources for research, scholarship, public education, and informing practice and policymaking

Event and other announcements service for Africanists in South Florida:

Furthermore, contact if you have:

Anthropology-based organization working for peaceful coexistence:

Organisation of Intra-Cultural Development and its publications forum, Global Ethnographic

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