School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Community Outreach


Students United with Parents and Educators to Resolve Bullying (SUPERB) is a project supported by a major gift from Jeremy and Sharon Ring to the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences for the development of a school based anti-bullying program. The project helps to support doctoral graduate assistants from the Department of Family Therapy (DFT) and the Department of Conflict Analysis & Resolution (DCAR). The program has been piloted in 8 schools throughout Broward County, a training site for 14 Master's program interns. The interns are learning to implement the SUPERB curriculum in classrooms in the elementary grades, organizing interested student groups in both the middle and high schools as well. The project is an excellent opportunity for students to work together collaboratively in implementing systems based solutions to various social challenges.

For any of those interested in more information about SUPERB and would like to join, see their website: