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Peace and Conflict Resolution Education Working Group

Who are we?

We are the official Nova Southeastern University Peace and Conflict Resolution Education Working Group. We are students, scholars, teachers, educational leaders and community leaders who care about peace in our schools worldwide. We believe that schools, students and teachers can be powerful peacemakers!

What do we do?

To equip and empower schools worldwide to be examples and builders of peace, we train teachers, students and educational leaders. We attend and host conferences on peace and conflict resolution education. We publish research on best practices and partner with communities worldwide to empower and equip them to implement peace and conflict resolution education.

What is peace and conflict resolution education?

Peace and conflict resolution education is an exciting "big tent" which embraces activities and curriculum that make our schools more peaceful within, and empowers them to contribute to peace in their global and local communities. This means peace and conflict resolution educators

Why schools, kids and teachers?

As Gandhi so powerfully argued, "If we are to build real peace in the world, we must start with the children."

For further information, contact Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D.